Commercial cargo air charters

Want a seamless freight forwarding process for your cargo?

Our commercial air cargo freight services are exactly what you need!

Commercial air cargo charters refer to the airplanes out of an airline’s published schedule reserved for private freight forwarding. Our commercial air cargo charter services are a step ahead from traditional air shipping. You will no longer have to wait for scheduled flights by regular air freight services to transport your goods!

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Why Chartering An Aircraft Is More Beneficial Than Using A Regular Air Freight Provider Service?
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No Delays

Regular air cargo flights often face delays and cancellations because they transport a huge variety of goods belonging to different customers. You won’t have to face such delays if you book air cargo charter services.

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Flexible Schedules

Air cargo charter flights allow you to transport your cargo at your own convenience. You can set your own departure timings instead of following the airline’s schedule.

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Heavy or Dangerous Goods

If your cargo consists of heavy, dangerous, or time-critical goods, you can book an air cargo charter flight that fulfils your specialized storage and delivery requirements.


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Access to Remote Locations

An air cargo charter flight can accommodate you easily if you have to deliver goods in a remote location, where regular air cargo flights don’t operate.


Dangerous Goods

Does your company deal in dangerous goods like explosives, gases, radioactive material, or corrosives? The handling of such goods requires expert skills and knowledge. Our teams are fully trained in shipping guidelines, routing restrictions, and sourcing the correct licensed airplanes for sensitive goods.  

Time-Critical Air Cargo

Whether it’s food items, prescription drugs, or other goods with a short shelf-life, we can arrange quick and safe air deliveries to any place you require. Our cost-effectiveness also makes us the best freight option for your business.

Heavy and Outsize

Regular air freight services do not accept heavy and oversized machines and equipment on their aircraft. But we can source suitable aircraft specially designed to handle heavy items. Choose from airplanes that facilitate nose loading, front-loading, rear loading, onboard cranes, and ramps.

Humanitarian Aid

Expect a fast response from our side in emergencies where people are in dire need of essentials. Our air cargo charter services can handle your relief operations smoothly, no matter how remote the locations are.

Oil and Gas

With the demand for energy soaring, the oil and gas industry requires tailored air transport mediums to search for reserves in difficult and remote regions. Our efficient air freight charter services allow businesses in the energy sector to move their equipment and personnel wherever required, on time

Automotive Air Cargo

The components of a vehicle are complex and not produced everywhere in the world. However, the assembling factories for these vehicles are common all around the globe. If you are a part of the automotive industry and want to deliver the automotive components to the production line on time, we are here to help you!


We offer a wide range of air cargo services to businesses in different industries. Hence, the cost of chartering an air cargo plane at Kull Jet varies according to the customer’s requirements.

The cost of our services depends on the following:

  • The kind of cargo involved
  • The type of aircraft you want
  • The industry you belong to
  • Other relevant factors

Do you want an exact quote for our services? Get in touch with our air cargo experts to discuss your specific requirements.

Transporting goods by air is a huge responsibility, and the Kull Jet team knows how to handle that responsibility in the best way possible. We have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the best charter service in Europe. 

  • Our state-of-the-art aircraft and skilled crew members are highly reliable.
  • You will get constant support from our team throughout the process.
  • Your freight details are kept completely confidential.
  • We can cater to your specific requests regardless of your industry.