About us

Kull Jet’s aviation services surpass those of many competitors in the market. With our luxurious business jet charter flights, helicopter flights, and aircraft services, we have proved ourselves time and again.

Kull Jet has taken its in-flight service to new heights with added benefits such as private terminals, pre-ordering services from your favourite restaurants, and various jets to choose from.

Kull Jet has matched the perfect jet to numerous clients, allowing them to travel with comfort as a priority.

Our history
January 2024
Continued Growth: Expansion into Finland

In the ongoing journey of expansion, Kull Jet proudly announces the opening of its new branch in Finland. This strategic move not only strengthens our presence in Northern Europe but also reflects our commitment to providing exceptional aviation services to a broader clientele. As Kull Jet continues to soar to new heights, this expansion marks another milestone in our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled travel experiences.

February 2023
Opening of a cargo department

We opened a cargo department to provide air transportation to the needs of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Estonia and EU countries.

October 2022
Opening of the travel agency Kj Tours (VIP travel agency)

We offer our clients unrivaled service and access to the most exclusive tours worldwide. With Kull Jet, you can enjoy a luxurious and carefree holiday, knowing that our team of experts has taken care of every detail. Our travel agency is the right solution for your unique travel needs.

The New Standards In Aviation Services

Kull Jet continues to participate in exhibitions and is involved in many technological advancements along with developments in the aviation service industry. It is on its way to surpassing the previous year’s records and soaring far above its past accomplishments.

The Growth

Kull Jet expanded into cargo transportation, which included the transport of dangerous goods. 2021 witnessed the Air Show in Jihvi and the Conference of the Aviation Union in Estonia, both of which Kull Jet attended. The year ended with a remarkable 932 flights.

March 2020
The Year of the Pandemic

As the coronavirus maintained its steep ascent, Kull Jet matched it with its resilience. It took part in the Ecological and Electric Aviation Conference in Helsinki, operated 571 flights, and received another certificate of AA rating, making this year more successful than the last.

May 2019
Technological Advancements

Kull Jet began to work on technological advancement in the aviation industry to perfect their aircraft, which soon took over those in the European market. Kull Jet entered the Asian Pacific market and boasted 496 flights throughout 2019, earning a certificate of AA credit rating.

January 2019

Kull Jet started with an expansion into Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and more with their second-year attendance at the International Exhibition of Business Aviation in Geneva. With further contracts, Kull Jet expanded in more ways than one.

June 2018
The Developments

Kull Jet managed to sign a contract with the New Zealand plant and started to work on producing a light aircraft. Since then, Kull Jet has been a proud direct representative in Northern Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. This led to 463 flights this year alone.

May 2018
The Exhibition

Kull Jet finally got its big break. In May of 2018, the team was invited to participate in the International Business Aviation Exhibition, which was hosted in Switzerland. This exhibition led to different contracts and an expansion into a sales and service department for light aircraft.

January 2018
Kull Jet Comes Into Being

2018 was a great year for Kull Jet. It was finally registered in Estonia, focusing on an active mission statement. We aimed to perfect business charter flights and their maintenance. This seemed a hard feat to accomplish at first.

The Idea is Developed

It took a lot of effort and manpower to get Kull Jet from an intangible dream to a reality that slowly materialized in front of us. Our business strategy was developed keeping in mind the international market and the experiences of many specialists on board.

The Birth of Kull Jet

Kull Jet was the brainchild of many professionals, with decades of experience, from different countries with the same goal in mind; the creation of a company that perfected air travel for its customers.

The careers our employees were started

It all started years ago, when our team made first steps in the aviation. We were fresh out of university and our faces were full of anticipation for the long and exciting journey in front of us. We knew that this was just the beginning and that regardless of which way the future would lead us, we had plenty to look forward to.

Vladimir Palamar
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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Kostiantyn Motovilin
Chief Commercial Officer
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Vlad Vernygora
Director of Communications
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Vitalii Levchenko
Head of Strategic Development Department
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Arina Palamar-Siirma
Development Director
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Toomas Orukivi
Head of Trading and Logistics
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Dasha Romaneeva
Account Executive (North America)
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Rustam Askerov
Sales Manager
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Dmytro Gudenko
Operation manager
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Anton Melnykov
Operation Manager
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Nina Levchenko
Cargo Assistant
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