Private helicopter charter

Whether flying solo, touring for a bird’s eye view, commuting with a team of executives to attend a business meeting, or whisking family and friends off to a luxurious vacation spot, a private helicopter charter is built to fit all your needs and carry you to your destination in elegance and comfort. So, why wait in never-ending queues at subways or spend massive amounts of money on national flights when you can get the privilege of boarding via private helicopter charter directly to your destination

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Helicopter Ride

Partner up with us for a day full of thrilling helicopter tours, gorgeous views, and an adventure that will surely become the highlight of your day. Whether you wish to enjoy a romantic helicopter ride with your life partner or complete a city tour with friends and family, at Kull Jet, we take care of all your helicopter point-to-point travel requirements at market-competitive prices.

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Executive Helicopter

Kull Jet’s executive helicopter has become widespread among many individuals—be it executives, businesspeople, or celebrities. Apart from operating to the passenger’s schedule and allowing for considerable flexibility, safety, security, and convenience are key reasons multinational firms and giant corporations choose executive helicopter charters for their business and private travel needs.

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Luxury Helicopter

On the deck of a yacht, a rooftop in a crowded municipality, a ski slope, or in a remote location with no airport access, our luxury helicopter is the ideal solution for individuals, sightseers, aerial photographers, executives, or celebrities looking for a luxury commute packed with gorgeous scenic views. So, no matter the location, we can get you there in style, comfort, and elegance.

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Wedding Helicopter

When you finally decide to get married to your loved one, wedding entry matters. And what could be more dramatic than arriving in your very own private helicopter charter? This unforgettable experience, packed with gorgeous views from above the ground, is ideal for creating an entrance to remember.

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Prom Helicopter

From renting limousines and photo booths to wearing magnificent gowns and handsome suits, prom is one of those nights to let loose and feel like you’re on top of the world. And with a private prom helicopter charter, you can affordably turn an already extraordinary evening into something truly remarkable and absolutely unforgettable that you and your chums will cherish forever.

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An-Hour Helicopter

Do you want to make the most of your one-hour commute in the sky by skipping the lines and connecting flights? Our an-hour helicopter charter has got you covered. Whether you wish to enjoy a one-hour trip to some skiing spot or somewhere near the coast, our dedicated charter expert will get you to your destination in style and with minimal fuss so you can make the most of your adventure.

Why you should order helicopter charter?
Point-To-Point travel
Environmentally friendly
Impactful impression
Small helipad
Time and energy-efficient
No long queues

Flying aboard a private Heli comes with all of the conveniences of road travel without the restrictions of set routes and traffic—not to mention the amount of time saved and gorgeous views. With an abundance of charter services available, what makes Kull Jet any different? FYI, we work day and night to deliver cutting-edge private helicopter charter services that put you, the customer, at the heart of a personalized, on-demand travel experience—whether flying solo, for leisure, or for business.


Many individuals believe that hiring a private helicopter charter can be a costly endeavour; the reality is quite reversible. The experience becomes heavy on pocket due to high brokerage commissions; however, if you opt for a private helicopter charter from Kull Jet, there’s no need to overpay hefty commissions. To put it another way, you can book a helicopter directly at operators’ prices starting from as low as €3500—with access to the worldwide network of more than 3500 aircraft.

Any helicopter engaged in commercial utility activities such as photography, patrolling, forestry, advertising, agriculture, or flight training—or used for transportation, mail, or cargo—where a public helistop or heliport is the destination or point of the flight is considered a commercial helicopter. On the other hand, a helicopter used for private endeavours such as executive commute, wedding and prom entry, luxury rides, or leisure travel is known as a private helicopter.