Group air charters

As the name suggests, group air charters move a group of individuals from point A to B with impressive speed and impeccable style.

Without the hassle of a commercial flight at busy airports.

When you book a group private aircraft charter, you get to choose the ground restrictions, meaning you are free to select the aircraft type and departure times, as well as the route and destination. With years of continuous experience in the air charter service industry, we offer a market-leading, one-stop solution by providing a diverse selection of private and group air charters suitable for various travelling needs—you name it, and our air charters will take care of the rest.

Our services
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The ability for guests to travel together in comfort and luxury may be a huge asset at various occasions, including weddings, anniversary dinners, birthday celebrations, and family gatherings—and this is where our group air charter comes in. Additionally, we can also personalize an air charter, ensuring your product is front-of-mind from the very start of the event. Important meetings, conferences, incentive trips, and exhibitions—you name it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Tours and Roadshows

At Kull Jet, we can organize air charters for various industries, such as music and film, political campaigns, and trade delegations. Whether you need a charter for sports teams, spectators, VIPs, and sponsors to travel to important sporting events or a travelling option for crews, promotional tours, and filming excursions, we’ve covered you. In addition, we can plan trips for corporate leaders or assist an election campaign by putting up a personalized itinerary with many stops.

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Emergency Response

In the aftermath of natural catastrophes, political upheaval, hostile circumstances, and business crises, we offer prompt and time-sensitive group charters to get people where they need to go. We have a wealth of expertise in transporting thousands of passengers for various purposes, including specialist personnel movements, ongoing relief logistics, evacuations and repatriations, rescue teams, and medical transportation—you name it, and our charter will be there to take care of the rest.

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Sports Teams or Artist Groups

We provide private jet charter services to get sports teams and artist groups to events all around the globe. Not only do we transport specialized teams, but a significant number of spectators also use our private jet charter service as opulent transportation to matches and tournaments. No matter the event’s activity or location, the trained staff at Kull Jet is available to discuss your needs, respond to any questions, and organize the ideal charter plan for you.

Why you should order group charter?
Cheaper way to travel
Time and energy-efficient
Point-To-Point travel

A more intimate, six-seater aircraft is an excellent option for individuals who want prompt transportation. Those interested in trying something new might treat themselves to a more spacious charter. Large group air charters, comparable to commercial aircraft in terms of their capacity to carry passengers, often have up to 20 seats available. Small charter aircraft typically seat no more than six people, whereas larger planes accommodate anywhere from eight to twelve passengers.

Many individuals believe that hiring a group air charter can be a costly endeavour; the reality is quite reversible. The experience becomes heavy on pocket due to high brokerage commissions; however, if you opt for a group air charter from Kull Jet, there’s no need to overpay hefty commissions. To put it another way, you can book a group air charter directly at operators’ prices starting from as low as €3500—with access to the worldwide network of more than 3500 aircraft.