VIP lounges worldwide

Our premium VIP Lounges are class and comfort personified.

Nothing short of perfect, our VIP Lounges offer clients a brief respite from their tiring flights or simply something to do while they wait for one.

Relax before you take off and enjoy an assortment of fruit, snacks, entertainment, and a wide selection of drinks at your service.

What’s Included in VIP Lounges Service?
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Fresh Food

A snack is all you need!

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Choose from our premium wines, champagne, and beverages.

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Flip through your favourite channels. 

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Lean back into our recliners!

Why Choose Kull Jet for VIP Lounges Services

With Kull Jet, you can pre-order your food or choose from the varieties we provide. You have a long flight ahead. Why not prepare for it by snacking on your favourite treats? Relaxation is just a sip away if you need to get into a better mood.  Order a drink from our premium selection and kick back. Let your worries disappear before you even set foot on the flight. You can also choose to flip through your favourite channels and kill your boredom. Get your children distracted and enjoy that much-deserved free time. Our relaxing recliners allow you to lean into the comfort of your chair and drift off to sleep while you are waiting for your flight. 


Every Lounge comes with its own set of benefits. Our lounges may vary in terms of the drink, food, and entertainment options provided, but they are consistent when it comes to quality!

Visit our portal and book a lounge based on your needs. You can choose from the options we provide when booking your flight or come back to it later when you reach the airport. 

It is easy to find and book a lounge. Visit our website and book a lounge when you are booking a private flight.