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    We believe in technology as a company, so we constantly optimise our various departments to run at full capacity using smart systems to deliver excellence and luxury uniquely.


    We are licensed by NBAA and other major aviation authorities, and our aircraft are maintained in accordance with international standards by a highly trained crew. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.


    Flying with Kull Jets implies genuine serenity and that’s the ultimate luxury. Our essential objective is to give our clients the most elevated levels of extravagance, solace, network, accommodation and privacy.

    Years of experience

    Aircraft types

    Pilatus PC-24
    This versatile jet combines the properties of a turboprop and a medium light jet while performing much like a light jet. It is comfortable and practical.
    Cessna Bravo
    The Cessna Bravo is a sleek updated version of the Cessna Citation II with excellent runway capabilities that allows the private jet to operate in and out of smaller airports. The Bravo has a comfortable interior with a cabin length of 4.8m and with 7-person passenger space.
    Embraer Phenom 300
    A best-selling jet for eight years in a row with a BMW-designed interior, the Phenom jet boasts an elegant, sturdy and sleek aesthetic design with 6-10 passenger space, an optional refreshment centre, and modern restroom facilities, and all-round enjoyable flying features.
    Bombardier Global 6000/6500
    The Bombardier Global 6000 is the most popular business private charter jet with huge baggage spaces that allows room for more light, area, and comfort for up to 12 passengers. It also has exceptional short-field takeoff and landing capabilities that makes it easily accessible to smaller airports. An ideal jet to explore destinations and enjoy comfort.
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    About us

    Kull Jet is a high-quality business aviation company with extensive experience in aircraft management and sales, helicopter flights, and business jet charter flights. We offer bespoke private travel services that allow you to meet and connect anywhere around the world while giving you the flexibility to control your schedule.

    We have a dedicated team available round the clock to help you with your private travel needs as well as the buying and selling of commercial airliners, helicopters, business jets and turboprops.

    Our years of experience as a private jet charter company means that you can count on us when time matters most to deliver you the best aircraft tailored to your specific needs. And with us as your business aviation company, You can stop worrying about arriving at your destination late.


    Special services

    VIP lounges worldwide slide VIP lounges worldwide

    Our premium VIP Lounges are class and comfort personified. Nothing short of perfect, our VIP Lounges offer clients a brief respite from their tiring flights or simply something to do while they wait for one. Relax before you take off and enjoy an assortment of fruit, snacks, entertainment, and a wide selection of drinks at […]

    Aircraft management and technical support slide Aircraft management and technical support

    Are you in need of aircraft management? Are you looking for technical support? Kull Jet offers a range of aircraft management and technical support. We cater to the needs of leasing companies. Airlines, OEM services (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and MRO services (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul). Kull Jet offers a range of aircraft management and technical services […]

    Private jet for sale slide Private jet for sale

    The purchase of a private jet is a significant investment that you must be sure of. This is especially true in the case of the acquisition of a pre-owned aircraft. Beyond the upfront cost of buying a private jet, many factors, such as registration, customs clearance, brokerage commissions, and aviation insurance, must be considered. However, […]

    Private jet medical transport slide Private jet medical transport

    When most people think of a private jet charter, the image of luxurious travel to remote locations immediately comes to mind. As it turns out, another extremely important private jet charter, designed for non-medical emergencies with wheelchair accessibility, operates above the ground—dedicated to providing life-saving commutes for the injured. With experienced and trained medical personnel […]

    Private helicopter charter slide Private helicopter charter

    Whether flying solo, touring for a bird’s eye view, commuting with a team of executives to attend a business meeting, or whisking family and friends off to a luxurious vacation spot, a private helicopter charter is built to fit all your needs and carry you to your destination in elegance and comfort. So, why wait […]

    Commercial cargo air charters slide Commercial cargo air charters

    Want a seamless freight forwarding process for your cargo? Our commercial air cargo freight services are exactly what you need! Commercial air cargo charters refer to the airplanes out of an airline’s published schedule reserved for private freight forwarding. Our commercial air cargo charter services are a step ahead from traditional air shipping. You will […]

    Group air charters slide Group air charters

    As the name suggests, group air charters move a group of individuals from point A to B with impressive speed and impeccable style. Without the hassle of a commercial flight at busy airports. When you book a group private aircraft charter, you get to choose the ground restrictions, meaning you are free to select the […]



    Camila Harrison
    Camila Harrison

    At the peak of the quarantine, we faced difficulties in returning all the company’s employees from Rome. People were literally stuck at the airport and couldn’t wait for their flight. Panic from the epidemic strained everyone. It was decided to book a private flight and return all employees. Without your experience it would be difficult. Thank you

    Brianna Kuhn
    Brianna Kuhn

    KullJet helped a lot with the selection of a charter to the Maldives. Picked up the fastest and most convenient option. Special thanks to the operator Nina for patience 🙂

    Erik Beck
    Erik Beck

    We flew through you on the Phenom 300 to Europe with an organizational group – they provided the flight on an urgent basis. Everything went great, no complaints. The pilot was tactful, polite, punctual, reported everything on the link about takeoff and landing, as expected. It was a pleasure to deal with a pro. I recommend!

    image (3)
    Morris Herrera

    Respect to your company! We have already applied twice to rent a private helicopter in France, for a short flight to the mountains. Only here they found a fresh helicopter. The pilot is excellent. In April we will fly with you to Malta by business jet. Prepare Falcon 7X for us!

    image (2)
    Noelle Dunn

    Very reliable, we use the services on a regular basis (flights to Europe and back). They can solve the most non-standard issues. We prefer flights on Cessna. Great company, I recommend

    image (8)
    Sherry Morgan

    Thank you very much Alexandr for a great flight and attention to work. He took into account all our wishes, found a good plane with a wonderful pilot. If you need something, he really tries to help. Thank you)

    image (1)
    Nora Ray

    We flew to Dubai in May. I had a cat with me, for a long time we were looking for adequate offers for animals without bullying, in the form of cages and carriers. They helped to negotiate and, because of the small weight, they allowed me to take the cat into the cabin of the plane and advised us to give the cat a little sedative before the flight. But there were some problems upon arrival with the veterinarian at the Dubai airport. Thanks to kull jet for helping with the transfer and resolving all issues with the veterinarian. I sincerely appreciate and thank you!

    image (10)
    Ana Turgeneva

    Thank you very much for your help with the export flight from Poland. Only here they were able to promptly offer a plane to Cyprus. Really helped out for a very reasonable price!

    image (11)
    Lee Matthews

    Good afternoon, I want to repay my debt and thank Dmytry for the excellent work done for my superiors. From the latest cases, there was an urgent flight on January 31 – in fact, no one was already working, it was very difficult to find the plane, and thank you very much for joining the process with such dedication, helping to organize everything and conduct the flight. At the same time, they helped to navigate through the documents, how to fill in everything correctly for accounting. It’s a pleasure to cooperate with you))

    image (12)
    Daisy Bowman

    Helped with a flight to London and once to Monaco. Immediately offer several adequate options, in different price categories. Everything is super, I recommend!

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    Chief Commercial Officer
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    Arina Palamar-Siirma
    Development Director Estonia
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    Anastasiia Levchenko
    Assistant Sales Manager
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    Special offers

    Dinner From Your Favourite Restaurant slide image Dinner From Your Favourite Restaurant

    Enjoy food from your favourite restaurants while soaring 12 000 m above them with Kull Jet. Pick your three-course in-flight meal today! Your comfort and in-flight experience are our responsibility. Be it in-flight comfort or a top-quality dining experience that you seek, Kulljet Aero has got you covered. Since bland flight meals can set you […]

    Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter slide image Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter

    Pets are like family, and all pet owners worry about their animal’s well-being when travelling with pets. Our pet-friendly private jet service is the way to go if you wish to give your pets the most luxury, comfort, and enjoyment. Our private flights are the most comfortable, convenient, and secure to travel with your pet. […]


    Let’s Take off from Munich slider image Let’s Take off from Munich

    Pilatus PC 12 charter Technical Specifications Pilatus PC 12 charter is an executive turboprop that costs €1200 – €1500 per hour. It was made by Pilatus Aircraft in 1994. Pilatus is a swiss company that has gone to great lengths to match the aircraft’s performance to that of the King Air 350. The Pilatus PC […]

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    Where to Fly this Fall if You Choose Business Aviation slider image Where to Fly this Fall if You Choose Business Aviation

    If you are in the United Kingdom Let’s go through five popular locations visited by people in the United Kingdom. For your convenience, we have focused on options for people living in the London area. Private Jet to Faro (Portugal) Destination No matter what your friends say, visiting Europe in the summer can be hard […]

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    Vacation Trip on Private Jet slider image Vacation Trip on Private Jet

    How Much Does a Private Jet Trip Cost? A private jet trip can cost as much as you want. This means that it depends on your plan and the aircraft you choose for your travel. Private jet trip cost depends on the model of the plane, how far you travel, and the kind of demands […]

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    What is a Private Jet slider image What is a Private Jet

    All You Need to Know about Private Jet A private jet, a business jet or a bizjet, is an aircraft designed to transport a small group of people. A private jet is similar to an airplane but is much smaller and more comfortable. They were first developed in the 1950s and first flown four years […]

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    Generally, business aviation includes all flights that are not managed by scheduled airlines or military personnel. It is a specialised kind of transportation that allows people to connect face-to-face when time is of the essence. Its flexibility gives customers a complete choice over their schedule and lets them travel to as many places as their schedule can accommodate. By extension, business aviation improves connectivity across Europe and the world by connecting numerous tiny European villages and municipal airports.

    There are so many reasons why business aviation is so popular, but here are a few of them.

    • It eliminates the need for long queues and waiting lines.
    • It gives customers the flexibility of meeting according to their schedule
    • It enables seamless meetings and business transactions between people from various parts of the world
    • It provides a new level of comfort to customers during long trips

    You get to skip lines and spend a shorter time at airports, ensure maximum safety of yourself and things, and get access to unrivalled luxury. Food from your favourite restaurant is also served with champagne or a beverage of your choice during your flight.

    For business aviation, any destination is possible. However, here are some of the most travelled routes.

    • from Paris to Monaco
    • from Edinburgh to Paris
    • from Ibiza to London
    • from London to Paris
    • from London to Amsterdam
    • from London to Dubai

    Business aviation eliminates the occurrence of experiencing late departures, overbooking and rescheduled flights while providing comfort and luxury that cannot be achieved elsewhere. It also allows you to conduct meetings at your own time, place, and speed without the limitations imposed by commercial airlines.