Private Flight With Pets – A Complete Guide

Kull Jet has all the service options it can provide really good company. So if you’re planning to fly with your pets on your next private jet flight, here are some things you need to consider before taking off.

Private Flight With Pets

As a pet, there’s nothing scarier than a metal body soaring thousands of feet above the ground with you on board. However, this experience can be made much more comfortable for your furry friend if you keep some important points in mind.

A pet friendly private jet charter can rid your pet of anxieties and help you plan better before, during, and after the flight. In fact, private jet pet transport is much more organized and stress-free than flying with pets on a commercial jet.

You can choose your own comfort and amenities on board a private jet. All you need to do is call in advance, charter a jet, and book all the necessities. Your first trip with your pet on a private jet is just a few clicks away!

How to Fly With Your Pets on a Private Jet?

Traveling with your pets on a private jet doesn’t have to be a disaster. All it needs is some careful planning before the plane takes off. Be it a private flight with a dog or any other animal; you need your pet as well-rested and secure as you. Thus, a private jet is the best option.

If you want to benefit from a pet-friendly private jet charter, you must make the bookings, gather all necessary documents for you and your pet, and ensure all medical requirements are up to date. Moreover, you must keep your pet calm during liftoff and landing.

If you want to charter a private jet for a larger animal, such as a horse, you might be able to charter a plane specifically for horses! This allows your pet all the comfort it needs and trained professionals to take care of it during the flight.

Pros and Cons of Private Jet Pet Transport

If you have ever taken a private flight with a cat, you know the multiple things you need to keep in mind to avoid causing it any discomfort. With other pets, the checklist of requirements and considerations is endless!

The Pros

When it comes to private travel, pets have a much better experience overall;

  • They have more room for comfort and seating that suits them perfectly.
  • They have more access to amenities that can keep them calm.
  • The in-flight attendants are much more trained in case a pet gets aggressive or irritable.
  • Your pet doesn’t need to be cramped in a cargo hold, away from emotional attention or comfort.
  • They can get those well-deserved belly rubs on board!

The Cons

With a pet on a private jet, you must;

  • Adhere to all safety regulations and deal with an aggressive or irritable pet in the worst case.
  • Gather a long list of certificates and documents.
  • Go through some required medical procedures.
  • Be subjected to medical inspection after you land.

Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter – Before the Flight Checklist

If you are planning on flying with your pet anytime soon, remember to check the following off your list;

The Legal Requirements

Ensure that all the legal requirements are met before you board a private jet with your pet. Your pet must be of a certain age to fly. Moreover, they need to have good health and can sometimes be required to undergo medical inspection after landing.

  • Ensure your pet is at least eight weeks old before booking your tickets.
  • Ensure that your pet has received all required vaccinations.
  • Determine if the country allows you to travel with a pet when traveling abroad.
  • Feed your pet well in advance before arriving at your airport. This can be 4-6 hours before you reach. A full stomach can cause your pet to get sick on the plane. The same goes for water, as too much water before a flight can cause accidents for a nervous pet.
  • Make that trip to the vet and get your pet inspected before you fly.

Visiting the vet should also involve a healthy discussion about your pet, whether it can fly, and how to take care of it on the flight. Your vet can check your pet’s health and advise you on how to handle a negative scenario in the air. There are also some useful food and liquid intake requirements to note.

Flying With Pets – Things to Note During the Flight

Some of the important things to note during your flight include;

  • Your pet can get anxious on the plane, just like you would, so asking your vet for advice can help you carry the necessary medication for them on board.
  • You must take some treats with you on the plane. Anytime your pet seems overly agitated or upset, offer them some treats to calm them down.
  • Keep your travel documents handy, as you may be asked for them before takeoff.

Post-Travel Concerns

Since both you and your pet have gone through a long flight, you must follow up private jet pet transport with a well-needed retreat. Indulge in good food and ensure you give your dog some treats for a great job!

Summary of Costs

The average cost for a pet friendly private jet charter is higher than for commercial jets. But remember, you are paying for the extra amenities and added comfort, so the value addition is worth it!

It might cost you around €1,200 to €1,400 for a smaller jet, €3,000 to €7,000 for a midsize jet, and €8,000 to €12,000 for much larger private jets. However, this is just an estimate, and prices might differ throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

Private jet pet transport is much easier when you keep the comfort and needs of your pet first! This is only possible if you avoid putting your pets with the cargo and shift them to a much more comfortable seat beside you.

Choose Kull Jet to soar to the skies with your pet by your side and professional staff that knows exactly how to keep your pet calm and happy in the air! Be it a private flight with a dog, a private flight with a cat, or any other animal you want to fly with, Kull Jet has you covered.

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