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What is a Private Jet

Private jets are the epitome of business and success. The idea of a private jet and flying on one is exciting and awe-inspiring. However, how many people know what a private jet is and everything that comes with learning about them?

This article discusses all you need to know about private jets, including how much private jets cost, the types of private jets, what a private jet looks like on the inside, how to book a private jet and more. 

All You Need to Know about Private Jet

A private jet, a business jet or a bizjet, is an aircraft designed to transport a small group of people. A private jet is similar to an airplane but is much smaller and more comfortable.

They were first developed in the 1950s and first flown four years later. However, over the years, the private jet has evolved to the extent that it is entirely different from the first.

Private jets are built for customers who prefer more control over their flight. Privat jets allow you to control who boards the aircraft, the departure time, the layovers, and more. They provide luxury and convenience to passengers. This saves the passengers from the hassle of airport traffic and security that they would otherwise have to go through for commercial airlines.

Furthermore, private jets offer amenities in the shape of catered meals, technology, and entertainment systems. With more control over your flight and more space on the private jet, many corporate businesses tend to avail of private jet services to conduct business worldwide: business aviation.

Business aviation is the leading use of private jets. In simple terms, business aviation is using aircraft for business purposes. A majority of large-scale businesses deal all over the world, and they prefer business aviation over commercial services. These businesses enlist the help of a private jet broker to handle the flights, lease, purchase, and renting of private jets.

Business aviation offers the following advantages to business cooperations:

  • They allow businesses to reach areas with little or no commercial airline services.
  • They allow businesses to reach multiple destinations in less time.
  • They cater to many company employees, with 75% of business aviation passengers being non-executive employees.
  • Some private jets allow for the secure movement of equipment and information.
  • Some private jets have technologies that allow companies to stay in contact during flights.

Corporate companies can book different types of private jets depending on their requirements.

Types of Private Jets

Whether purchasing a private jet or chartering one, you need to be aware of the types of private jets to make an informed choice depending on your preferences and requirements.

Private jet types can be categorized into four types:

  • Light and Super Light Jets

Light jets are the smallest type of private jets that are cost-effective in operation and maintenance. Light jets are best for short distances near the city (around three hours of flight time).

Light jets can only accommodate up to eight people and have a baggage capacity between 15-21 m3. The two main light jets are light jets and small light jets. While both types of light jets offer their amenities and facilities, their operation remains the same. They typically reach a speed of 800 km an hour and range 2500-2800 km.

The third type of light jet, the super light jets, are slightly different from the other two based on their size, comfort, and range. They provide a more spacious cabin and can easily navigate on short runways. Super light jets have a range of around 2800-4500 km.

  • Mid-Size Jets

Mid-size jets are better for a longer flight (around five hours of flight time) with no layovers. Mid-size jets are optimal for both long-haul and short-haul flights.

Mid-size jets have a bigger cabin than light jets, can comfortably carry up to ten passengers, and has a baggage capacity between 24-45 m3. With a more stylish interior, a service gallery, and an onboard lavatory, mid-size jets are optimal for longer travel with more people.

  • Turboprop Aircrafts

The turboprop is a narrow-body aircraft similar to light jets. However, they differ in their engines. While jets have a turbine engine encased in a fan blade, turboprops have a turbine engine that drives a propeller outside the aircraft.

Turboprop aircraft are optimal for short-haul flights of around 1600-2000 km and are mainly used for equipment transport. These aircraft can take off from and land on non-concrete runways and grass fields, making them popular for travel to areas without airlines.

Turboprop aircraft can fly at a speed of around 500 km an hour and can carry up to eight passengers. These aircraft are best for quick and affordable flights.

  • Long Range Jets

Long-range jets are private jets that can travel longer distances and offer a range of more than 8000 km. These jets are better for traveling over long distances quickly. They are the best private jets for long-distance travel, providing greater cabin space and different entertainment, dining, and work areas.

Long-range jets provide the utmost comfort and offer many amenities, including enclosed lavatories, beds, significant luggage areas, and more. They can carry around 19 people and provide a range of 9500-10 500 km.

What Does a Private Jet Look Like Inside?

Private jet interiors, although following the same general look, different in luxury and style depending on the cost. Here, we discuss some examples of different private jets and what they look like inside based on how much they cost.

Cargo and equipment aircraft do not usually have many interior features and instead focus on providing empty and greater space for the equipment.

Light private jets are one of the least expensive types of private jets. Their cabins are around 150 m3 with a height of 1,5 m and are always carpeted and often cream or beige colored. The tables in these private jets are made from dark oak wood, and all the furniture is crafted in leather, marquetry, and crystal. The cabins are well lit, and the seats often face each other in pairs.

Mid-size jets have a bigger cabin of around 2,15 m3 and a height of 1,7m. These jets have any of the same features as light jets and come equipped a toilet and a sink. They sometimes also have a bed or sofa and a small kitchen or a mini-bar. Some models have touch-controlled lighting and Wi-Fi.

Long-range jets are the most extravagantly designed jets that aim to provide passengers with the utmost luxury and comfort. The cabin space is large enough to carry up to 19 passengers comfortably. The passengers can stand upright on the jet and move around freely. The long-range jets come with the same furniture as light jets and have a sofa and a bed, with some even having a separate bedroom. They also have a TV, Wi-Fi, temperature adjustment,  and communication devices to keep employees in touch.

Dress Code on Private Jet

Although there is no specific dress code for a private, there is a mutually agreed upon idea of what to wear on a private jet, depending on who chartered the private jet.

The most frequent private jet customers are corporate companies and their employees. Keeping this in mind, it is always best to go for a casual business style on a private jet. You can wear your general business attire but make a few tweaks to it to add a bit of comfort. Wearing slacks/khaki pants with a blouse/polo would perfectly fit the unofficial dress code.

If you are a guest on a private jet, it is best to dress according to the purpose of the flight. There may be occasions where you would need to wear full business attire, such as when business dealings are conducted during the flight.

However, there are also occasions where you can be more relaxed. The whole idea of a private jet is to cater to the passengers’ needs and wants; you decide what you wear. You can wear your gym clothes or dress casually, and there will be no one to fault you. When dressing casually, keep in mind the flight length to ensure you are as comfortable as you need to be.

Main Question – What Does it Cost?

Before anything else, you might want to know how much it costs to purchase or charter a private jet. The exact price you will have to pay for either purpose depends on various factors, including the type of private jet, the length of the flight, the avionics, and the customization.

At the bare minimum, a new private jet can cost around three million EUR. At the maximum, it could go over seven hundred million EUR depending on the customization. A used private get can sell for as low as €200 000 or more than a hundred million EUR, depending on what you want to buy.

Light jets can cost from €1.5 million to €6 million. Mid-size jets can cost anywhere from nine million EUR to twenty-seven million EUR. Long-range jets can cost around €26 million to €62 million. The more luxurious VIP jets can cost up to €500 million.

These costs are upfront payments for purchasing a private jet and do not account for the ongoing maintenance and travel costs.

The cost of chartering a  private jet can be around €1500 to €12 000 an hour, and the rental fee for a private jet for a whole weekend can cost as low as €50 000.

The cost of booking a flight on a private jet varies considerably based on the type of private jet. A six-seat private jet can cost around two thousand to five thousand dollars or more. Some private travels can cost as low as a hundred dollars an hour. However, it would not be recommended.

How to Book a Private Jet?

The steps to booking a private jet are simple. First, you must find out your options and learn all you need to know about private jets to make an informed choice. As you’ve read above, there are many types of private jets, each with its features. Choose a private jet type based on your requirements.

Once you have chosen, you can contact the airline operator by phone or on the website and book your flight. You will be required to give details such as the departure date and destination. Finally, you make your payment and reserve your booking.

However, most people find it complicated to compare and choose between private jets, and the process is often long and tiring. To avoid the trouble, you can contact Kull Jet business aviation, which can help you book your private jet for any purpose. You can also compare the different private jets on the website without having to surf the web.


Now that you have been informed about all you need to know about private jets and how much private jets cost, you can choose a private jet that is right for you and your business. Get in touch with Kull Jet to book, rent, or purchase your private jet. You can call us a +372-56-777-210 or fill out the form on our website, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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