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Vacation Trip on Private Jet

A private jet is any jet aircraft that can support and transport smaller groups from one point to another. People opt for private jets for many reasons. Not all of these are based on luxury. 

A trip on a private jet can help you avoid long lines, delayed flights, and airport stress. This allows you to enjoy your journey and trip. With private jets, you can make your own itinerary, increase efficiency, fly more often and to more destinations and take advantage of the stellar service. 

Here are some of the most popular private jet travel trips and how they differ. 

How Much Does a Private Jet Trip Cost?

A private jet trip can cost as much as you want. This means that it depends on your plan and the aircraft you choose for your travel. Private jet trip cost depends on the model of the plane, how far you travel, and the kind of demands you have from your aircraft.

For example, an average trip cross-country with a duration of six hours on a private jet can cost the following;

  1. For Turboprops: € 8000 to € 18 000
  2. For midsize jets: €25 000 to €48 000
  3. For large private jets: €51 000 to €78 000

Here are some unique answers to the question, “how much does a private jet cost for a trip?”

1. Vacation Trip on Private Jet to French Riviera

  • The Trip

Here is a breakdown of a business trip on private jet from London to the French Riviera;

8:30 AM: You will be expected to reach the London Luton Airport and wait for your plane. After passing security checks, you can board the aircraft. You can choose any aircraft depending on your comfort.

9:00 AM: Take off

9:30 AM: Beverages and breakfast.

11:30 AM: Land in Nice.

12:30 AM: Brunch in Nice.

2:00 PM: Enjoy your afternoon at the French Riviera.

7:00 PM: Reach the airport for your flight back to London.

7:30 PM: Supper and beverages.

8:30 PM: Land in London.

  • Aircrafts to Choose From

Here are some aircraft options so you can choose for your business trip on private jet. Nice is a beautiful place to visit, and the choice of aircraft makes the experience even better. For a safe and comfortable journey, you can choose lighter jets such as the Cessna Bravo or the Cessna Citation CJ2.

Lighter jets are more affordable than long-range jets. They offer all the comfort of a big aircraft with their comfortable seating, entertainment, fine dining, and amenities. Moreover, their range makes it so that you reach your destination in no time!

  • Price

The cost of a private jet for this trip can go up to € 12 500. The total cost of the trip depends on the activities you choose to partake in once you reach your destination!

2. Golf Trip on Private Jet

  • The Trip

Nowadays, many private jets offer the opportunity to plan your trip. Packages include a trip to all the major golf hubs around the world. Here’s a breakdown of a golf trip from London to Le Touquet.

10:00 AM: Reach the airport and wait for the aircraft. Board the aircraft after the security checks.

10:30 AM: Take off

10:40 AM: Refreshments.

11:15 AM: Land in Touquet.

11:30 AM: Our taxi is there to receive you and take you to your destination.

12:30 PM: Brunch.

1:30 PM: Reach the golf course.

6:30 PM: Leave the golf course and head to the airport.

7:00 PM: Take off. In-flight entertainment and beverages.

7:40 PM: Land in London.

  • Aircrafts to Choose From

The choice of aircraft depends on the journey. A Turboprop Aircraft is the best choice because this is a shorter flight time. The King Air 350 has the capacity for eight passengers and eight golf club sets. As an alternate, you can opt for the Pilatus PC-12, an equally efficient private jet.

  • Price

The approximate cost of the Turboprop Aircrafts for this trip is around €4700. The price for the rest of the trip depends on the activities you choose to partake in.

3. Antarctic Trip on Private Jet

  • The Trip

Here’s a breakdown of your trip to the Antarctic.

Day 1: Land in South Africa

Since you have decided to spend your vacation in the Antarctic, making a pit stop at the beautiful Cape Town will be a great start.

Day 2: Fly to Antarctica

Soar over the icebergs and land in Antarctica after a journey of five hours. Wait for the team and travel to the pods. Head on over to dinner.

Day 3-5: Activities within Antarctica

Antarctica has a lot to offer, from emperor penguins to hikes and ice caves. Your itinerary will depend on your tour guide. Spend a good three days exploring Antarctica.

Day 6: Visit the Antarctic

Day 7: Head back to the camp and prepare for departure

  • Aircrafts to Choose From

Since the trip to the Antarctic is long and involves a lot of stops, using an ultra-long-range jet is your best bet. You can opt for the Bombardier Global 6000 or the Dassault Falcon 7X. These heavy-duty aircraft have a range of 10 000 to 12 000 km with comfortable cabins, which are well suited to the long journey.

  • Price

A round trip to the Antarctic can cost around €95 000. However, it all depends on the aircraft you choose, your tour guide, and your travel itinerary.

4. Private Jet Round Trip

  • The Trip

Here’s a breakdown of a round trip from London to New York.

Day 1:

8:00 AM: Reach the airport and wait for the aircraft. Board the aircraft after the security checks.

8:30 AM: Take off

9:00 AM: Refreshments.

9:30 AM: Breakfast is served.

2:00 PM: Lunch is served along with beverages.

4:30 PM: Land in New York.

Plane on standby till you are ready to leave. Here you can plan your itinerary, which commonly consists of a business trip of 2-3 days.

Day 5:

8:00 AM: Reach the airport and wait for the aircraft. Board the aircraft after the security checks.

8:30 AM: Take off

9:00 AM: Refreshments.

9:30 AM: Breakfast is served.

2:00 PM: Lunch is served along with beverages.

4:30 PM: Land in London.

  • Aircrafts to Choose From

Choosing a long-range aircraft for this trip is best to optimize comfort and efficiency. This includes airliners such as the Airbus A319 or the Boeing Business Jet.

  • Price

The trip’s cost depends on the trip and the aircraft used. Here are some factors that can change the price of your trip.

  1. The plane is on standby until you leave: You will need to pay a fee for the time it is parked overnight and the minimum flight time fee.
  2. The plane flies back to its initial destination and returns on your return date: No need to pay the above fee.
  3. You pay the price for two different planes: You incur a double cost for two aircraft.


Your trip costs depend on the way you plan your trip. You must plan carefully, keeping your budget and the extra costs in mind.

Happy tripping!

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