Exclusive Preview of Cessna Skycourier

Cessna Skycourier – review from Kull Jet. From the presentation we were at recently. We plan to take this versatile aircraft into the sky. Read on to find out more.

Cessna Skycourier

Built as the possible successor of the older Caravans, the Cessna Skycourier oozes potential, especially on high-volume routes such as, in the Baltic States. Kull Jet was recently honored to receive an exclusive invitation from Cessna to be part of the event. Kull Jet and Cessna go way back, with the company using a broad range of Cessna aircraft in its ever-expanding fleet.

Kull Jet’s Exclusive Invitation

The crew outside the cockpit of a Cessna SkyCourier airplane

Air service companies come and go, but only a few leave a mark by providing premier aviation services. Kull Jet is one such company that’s recognized for its performance, safety, affordability, reliability, and innovation. So, it’s no surprise when Cessna unveiled the new 408 Skycourier in Berlin on 6th July 2023, Kull Jet execs were the only company representing the Baltic States.

The 408 Skycourier is the very best that Cessna has to offer, and Kull Jet’s team was there in support and appreciation of a truly exceptional feat in aerospace engineering. The Kull Jet delegation was especially excited to see the all-new SkyCourier, which is C525 DNA blended with some C208 and B1900.

The Cessna SkyCourier features a high-wing aluminum construction, with two PT 6 A-65 SC engines, along with the G1000 suite, with NXI and other features. You also get strategic doors for easy egress, with a large fuselage that can carry three LD3 containers or 19 passengers.

The Cessna Skycourier: A Game-Changer

Cessna SkyCourier airplane rear view

The Skycourier is a true game-changer in every sense of the word. It’s the one cost-cutting, load-leading, and turnover-generating turboprop that’s the best in the game, bar none.

A highly versatile aircraft, the Skycourier offers the flexibility of switching from a 19-passenger to an all-baggage aircraft without disrupting its everyday schedule.

With unbelievable lift capacity and low cost of operating, the Cessna 408 Skycourier soars above the rest in its price category.

Furthermore, the Skycourier features two engines, increasing the aircraft’s payload significantly, along with improving its cruise speed. The second engine makes the Skycourier a lot more efficient and safer to land on islands or shorter landing strips. You also get that smooth takeoff and impressive climb performance.

Also, the Cessna Skycourier is surprisingly cost-effective in terms of operating costs, aka, cost per ton mile, cost per available seat mile, and cost per mile. You also get more (nearly double) freight capacity with the Cessna Skycourier freighter as compared to Cessna’s C208 Caravan.

For those who are wondering, “How much does a Cessna Skycourier cost?” The Cessna Skycourier price is one of the most economical at $5.5 million (before options).

Apart from the large, spacious Cessna Skycourier interior that’s configured for 19 passengers and plenty of leg room, the Skycourier aircraft also features rugged landing gear and single-point pressure refueling.

Kull Jet’s Impression of the Cessna Skycourier

• Wing Area: 40.97 sq m
• Length: 16.8 m
• Maximum number of passengers: 19
• Cruising speed: 370 km/h
• Flight range: 1667 km
• Baggage volume: 25 m3

There’s been nothing but praise from Kull Jet’s management during the presentation, and it’s easy to see why. According to the members of the Kull Jet team who attended the event at Cessna’s exclusive invitation, the new Cessna SkyCourier is going to open the doors to new routes and new possibilities, which they are extremely excited about.

Being a people-first company, the low-maintenance and fewer ground crew required for the Cessna SkyCourier makes it one of the more organizationally effective aircraft to fly passenger or cargo routes in the Baltics for Kull Jet and fits well in the company’s fleet-modernization plans.

While Kull Jet has already laid the groundwork by having a strong foundation in the Baltic region, having the SkyCourier as part of their fleet will, without a doubt, going to change the game forever, in a good way. The agreement to acquire the SkyCourier aircraft is only the latest in a long-standing and fruitful relationship between Kull Jet and Cessna, which will further strengthen their strategic partnership in the region.

Kull Jet’s Future Plans with the Cessna Skycourier

Kull Jet sees tremendous potential for exceptional growth in the SkyCourier, which is why the company is considering two of the aircraft under its wing as soon as Cessna starts selling the SkyCourier in 2025. Kull Jet has showcased tremendous growth, even through the pandemic days, which was mainly due to its ability to adapt to the demands and the new normal.

The reduced cost of operating the SkyCourier will provide Kull Jet with the perfect opportunity to combat the competition in the Baltic countries and will help the company increase its market share, which has become increasingly competitive. Kull Jet is focused on strengthening its presence in the region by improving and expanding the routes and numbers of its aircraft, with the company looking forward to this new chapter which begins after they receive two SkyCouriers from Cessna.

The Potential Impact on the Baltic States

View from the Cessna SkyCourier during flight

Kull Jet sees tremendous potential in having the privilege of being the first company in the Baltic States to operate the Cessna Skycourier 408 aircraft. For the Baltic States, the SkyCourier is Cessna’s own Phoenix rising, thanks to a growing population that can afford to travel frequently and the demand for more routes (both passenger and cargo).

This can only mean one thing, having the combination of an aircraft that’s versatile and cost-efficient is going to see many of the forward-thinking airline services that have signed up for the new Cessna SkyCourier spectacularly rise to the top. The inclusion of the Cessna SkyCourier in any fleet will result in an improved ability to not only introduce new routes but undercut the competition.


Kull Jet Uses a broad range of Cessna aircraft, and the Cessna SkyCourier is certainly going to be the company’s crown jewel. The SkyCourier is ideal for hauling loads to and from remote regions of the Baltic, making it now possible to deliver supplies to the most isolated locations. Kull Jet’s interest in the SkyCourier and Cessna’s exclusive invitation to the aviation company is a testament to Kull Jet’s resolve to deliver the best possible services to their clients.

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