Kull jet team was on EBACE 2023

Kull Jet Team Takes Center Stage for EBACE 2023 ‘Green’ Rebranding

The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) is a staple trade show that’s held in Geneva with the purpose of bridging the gap between the US-based National Business Aviation Association and the European business aviation community. EBACE is a premier event that brings together aviation companies and all manner of individuals and services associated that fall under the umbrella of business aviation. This includes manufacturers, charter companies, fractional providers, avionics companies, flight departments, business leaders, and government officials from all over the globe.

The movers and shakers of the aviation industry converged recently at Geneva for EBACE 2023, the second event that’s been held post-pandemic. Participants included some of the top brass in the business aviation industry in an attempt to reverse post-pandemic economic malaise. While the challenges are real, those in the aviation industry, including the Kull Jet team who were present at the prestigious event, remain broadly positive.

Setting the Stage

The Geneva Airport and the adjacent Palexpo were the venue selected for the event. Organizers expected to draw up to 12,000 delegates and 4,000 exhibitors from around the globe. The EBACE premiered in 2001, giving operators and manufacturers a platform where they could showcase their wares. Since its inception, coverage of the premier event in executive aviation has increased significantly owing to the tasing questions being raised on the great changes in the business aviation industry post-pandemic.

Some major attractions to touch down at EBACE 2023 were the Falcon 6x Aircraft and the Airbus 319, both of which set new standards for comfort, efficiency, and performance. New innovations are one of the reasons why aircraft shops such as Airbus and Dassault have continued to hum despite the global aviation downturn brought about by the pandemic. Besides, debuting any large aircraft, such as the Airbus 391, marks an important milestone for all players in the aviation industry.

Riding Out Market Turbulence

While the private aviation industry flew past the pandemic with relative ease, there are still challenges to be faced as the industry makes efforts to maintain its course. According to Kull Jet, 2023 is the year that private aviation experiences the start of robust growth.

The Kull Jet team gathered a lot of information about the impact of global market changes on the aviation industry and learned about emerging trends and prospects. The team at Kull Jet had interesting contacts with partners and made acquaintances with new companies operating in similar fields. They were also able to reach mutual agreements for beneficial collaboration and develop relations with major players in the aviation industry and SMEs at the forefront of green aviation practices. According to one Kull Jet executive, they had numerous meetings with representatives of major operator companies as well as business aircraft manufacturers. This allowed them to stay updated on all the latest developments and obtain more detailed information about aircraft availability and their usage.

“Flight-Shaming” Woes

Over recent years, many companies operating in the European aviation industry have been put through “flight-shaming” as countries start to exert environmental pressure on an industry that’s still not fully standing on solid ground thanks to the Covid pandemic. The touchy issue faced by companies offering executive charter services was kept front and centre at EBACE 2023. It was also agreed upon that business-level measures could be the starting point for wider regulations to curb the threat of global warming.

Of course, the paradox is that the aviation sector is responsible for 13.9% of emissions from transport, making it the second-largest source of GHG emissions. To put that into perspective, if the global aviation industry was a country, it would make it to the top ten list of greenhouse gas emitters.

Part of the conundrum is that in many countries in the EU (such as France), corporate charter services are called private jets and not business jets. This alone makes a big difference since a business jet is considered to support the economic development of a country and is directly tied to the development of commerce and industry in a country.

Keeping in mind the lack of consistency in wording, business aviation services were quick to point out that it is wrong to portray the sector as the veritable ‘Sword of Damocles’ when it comes to the cause of CO2 emissions.

This year’s EBACE was slightly different as the exhibition showcased concepts of environmental protection and the development of new solutions in aviation, such as aircraft running on electricity and fuel derived from plants. The focus was on ecological concerns. The exhibition featured new models of business aircraft presented by companies like Cessna, Embraer, and Dassault.

Each year, airplanes are becoming more environmentally friendly. The Kull Jet team was most impressed by the new airplane models and the exclusive Airbus helicopter, the ACH160. The main plan is to expand Kull Jet’s market presence through partnerships with various companies. The team also plans to participate in the exhibition next year to hold meetings and showcase the development of their company.

All Set for Take-Off

After the past few years of slow growth and malaise, the European aviation industry is all set to thrive with technological breakthroughs, ease in restrictions, and continued growth accelerating the movement.

Kull Jet’s offerings were put on the table at this year’s EBACE, with the premium executive shuttle service displaying its offerings aimed at well-heeled travellers. Executives representing Kull Jet expressed their excitement at the arrival of new models at the high end of the biz jet market, along with landmark meetings with representatives from aircraft manufacturers such as Falcon, Embraer, Pilatus, ATR, and Textron, with plans to acquire two aircraft from Textron.

The Kull Jet team met and had productive meetings with major players in the market, such as Jetex, Cessna, and Dassault as well. These trips and participation in exhibitions provided their team with insights into global market changes in the business aviation sector, along with the opportunity to meet and engage with aircraft manufacturers and explore new models and trends.

It also allowed the Kull Jet team to connect with both new and familiar colleagues and partners who operate in similar business domains. As a result of networking and cooperation with partners, the business charter provider’s future plans involve expanding its market presence and adding new services to its portfolio. Kull Jet aims to increase its aircraft fleet to offer clients enhanced services and conditions.

This year’s EBACE provided a fruitful networking platform for Kull Jet and many others. The execs were especially thrilled to meet and connect with the AIRBP system, which has been shaping the aviation industry for the past 90 years.

The team of Kull Jet also underscored the growing interest in executive charter services which has left the business aviation service having to keep up at an aggressive pace. This year, the premier executive charter service is looking to move forward full-throttle, despite being stretched by record numbers of customers. For more news and updates, visit Kull Jet.


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