A Sneak Peek Inside the Luxury Cessna Citation XLS+

The Cessna Citation XLS+ is one of the most luxurious private jets on the market, and it’s easy to see why. From the beautiful interior design to the state-of-the-art technology, this jet has it all. If you’re in the market for a private jet, we highly recommend taking a closer look at the Citation XLS+. Let’s take a closer look at it.

A Sneak Peek Inside the Luxury Cessna Citation XLS+

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW54C engines that generate a whopping 1871,1 kg of thrust, the Citation XLS+ redefines luxury air travel services. The XLS+ has one of the biggest cabins in the Citation line, with a thoughtful design and ergonomic leather pedestal seats that set the tone for both recreation and business.

a model of Cessna Citation XLS+ airplane with a propeller and a propeller mount

The industry-leading cabin technology, such as smartphone charging and cabin management, put the passenger in charge of temperature and lighting. Let’s tour the luxury aircraft.

Inside of a Luxury Private Jet – The Cessna Citation XLS+

The sleek interiors can best be described as a ‘flying penthouse’ with a capacity of 12 travelers thanks to a collection of ergonomically designed couches and leather reclining seats. This should be enough for large crowds needing extra cargo space, such as sports teams and tour groups. A spacious, comfortable cabin has room for six additional reclining seats.

Each articulating seat is decorated with fine leather and eye-catching hardwood finishes. Cessna offers custom-tailored fabrics to meet the passenger’s needs. All seats can be upholstered and styled to suit various interior decor needs. The breathable seats can be adjusted to form beds.

Cessna Citation XLS+ also offers a fully fleshed-out refreshment center with entertainment areas that will have you living in the lap of luxury. In addition to the above, eleven large windows help you adjust lighting and the outside view. The windows feature a triple pane construction to keep the jet draft free.

Passenger Comfort

On board, the passengers will find various amenities and features, including large leather seats, dual place divan, and belted seats in the serviceable lavatory.

The high gloss woodwork sets the right tone for passengers with a bespoke color. The front cabin has a right-hand closet and a left-hand galley that features a microwave oven, storage for catering food, an ice drawer, and a hot liquid container. There is enough equipment here to exceed the most demanding cooking performance expectations.

a Cessna Citation XLS+ cabin with a couch, chair, and a suitcase

Furthermore, these facilities can withstand frequent use, so passengers and aircraft crew can prepare food as often as they like.

The updated XLS+ boasts 13,05 cubic meter of space for passengers, providing seating space for 12 passengers. For best results, it is recommended to have up to nine passengers simultaneously, leaving room for two crew members.

Onboard Technology

The cabin sets the trend in the industry for using the latest onboard technology, such as Aviator 300 Wireless Internet, to ensure passengers have access to the internet. In addition, there are two phone headsets in the cabin and one in the cockpit.

a crew cabin of Cessna Citation XLS+

The jet also has six charging ports with universal plug interfaces; four of these are in the cabin and two in the gallery area. This ensures that all your devices are charged and kept up to date.

An LCD screen shows the flight map and keeps the passengers updated with in-flight information. There are dual DVD players so that passengers can play their favorite movies and set up their own entertainment in the comfort of their seating space.

VIP Options

All standard configurations of the XLS+ feature a side-facing couch and six articulating seats with an ergonomically adjusted workspace. It also offers VIP seat control that provides passengers with complete control over the cabin temperature and lighting. Passengers can replace the couch with a storage closet and a single side-facing seat for additional storage.

There are foldaway tables, sliding headrests, and built-in drink holders that provide passengers with a working space. This is crucial for entrepreneurs who are always working on the go.

The XLS+ has a side-facing couch with plenty of closet space for hacking jackets and suits.

What Makes the Cessna Citation XLS+ Different?

The aircraft’s speed, range, altitude, fuel efficiency, runway performance, and comfort levels make it a popular option for entrepreneurs.

Over the years, very few private jets have come close to matching the amenities and living spaces that XLS+ offers. This aircraft is one of the largest mid-size jets that offer a spacious head and shoulder room, giving plenty of space to passengers for moving and stretching.

Although range and performance are very important, the XLS+ is best known for its generous in-class cabin. The padded leather seats are nearly four inches bigger than normal seats.
Furthermore, plenty of luggage capacity makes the jet an obvious choice if you’re flying with lots of cargo. In fact, passengers can travel with around 17 pieces of luggage, which can be packed into a single suitcase or carry on by one person.

The flight time for the XLS+ is about four hours (depending on various factors such as flying conditions and total load). This should be enough to complete popular routes such as Miami to New York or London to Switzerland.

Wrapping Up – Inside of a Private Jet

The XLS+ was first introduced in 2008 as a successor to the popular Cessna Citation XLS. According to the off-long-rangeite, these units offer a long range among business jets and can fly for 3 889 km. Interested buyers may acquire the 2008 model for up to $7.6 million, with the latest iterations going upwards of $15m.

However, it is a more cost-effective option to rent the XLS+ instead of buying it. Its engineering precision and passenger-centric design play a pivotal role in creating exceptional journeys. The XLS+ is designed with productivity and comfort in mind.
The fact that these jets are still in production speaks volumes about the jet’s role in the industry.

Ready to take your flights to the next level but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with a seasoned team of aviation experts to help you plan your next adventure!

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