Private jet charter from London to Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, located on the southern coast of the country. It’s a modern and vibrant metropolis that offers visitors a unique blend of history, culture, nature, and entertainment. Helsinki has been named one of the world’s most liveable cities many times over, and it’s easy to see why.

One thing that sets Helsinki apart from other European capitals is its strong connection with nature. Visitors can enjoy beautiful parks such as Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden or Linnanmäki Amusement Park – both located in central Helsinki – or they can take a ferry to one of the nearby islands for some fresh air and stunning views.

Despite being a relatively small city (with just over 650k inhabitants), there are plenty of things to do and see in Helsinki. From admiring historical landmarks like Suomenlinna Fortress or The National Museum Of Finland; To exploring contemporary art galleries such as Kiasma, There truly is something for everyone here.

Oh, did I mention food? Helsinki has some amazing culinary offerings too! Finnish cuisine may not be well known outside Scandinavia, but it’s definitely worth trying out while you’re here. Try traditional dishes like Karjalanpiirakka (a pastry filled with rice pudding) or Kalakukko (baked fish inside rye bread). Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try reindeer meat – it’s surprisingly tasty!

Whether you’re interested in exploring museums or spending time outdoors surrounded by natural beauty–Helsinki won’t disappoint!

Helsinki Airport is the largest airport in Finland, located about 17 kilometers from the city center. It serves as a hub for many airlines, making it an important transportation hub for both domestic and international flights.

The airport has two main terminals: Terminal 1, which operates domestic flights, and Terminal 2, which handles international flights. Both terminals offer a range of services, such as restaurants, cafes, duty-free shops, lounges, currency exchange counters, and more.

One unique feature of Helsinki Airport is its commitment to sustainability. The airport has implemented various measures to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly practices. For example, the heating system in the terminal building uses geothermal energy, while solar panels are used to generate electricity for lighting.

In addition to this focus on sustainability, Helsinki Airport offers passengers a smooth travel experience with efficient check-in processes and short security lines. Passengers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the airport premises.

The distance from London to Helsinki is 1783 km. On average, a direct flight from London to Helsinki takes approximately 2 to 3 hours in a private jet. However, this may vary based on the specific departure and arrival locations within London and Helsinki and the speed of the aircraft.

Sights of Helsinki

In summary, Helsinki is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions and activities to experience. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, flying on a private jet from London to Helsinki is the ultimate way to travel in style and comfort.

From the stunning architecture of Senate Square to the bustling market square at Kauppatori, there is something for everyone in Helsinki. Art lovers will appreciate the collections at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and Ateneum Art Museum, while nature enthusiasts can explore nearby parks like Nuuksio National Park.

Traveling by private jet ensures that your journey from London to Helsinki will be hassle-free and luxurious. And once you arrive in this charming Finnish capital, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular destination among travelers around the world.

Category Aircraft PAX One way price estimate
Turboprop Aircrafts Pilatus PC-12 9 €36.200
Light Jets Cessna Citation CJ1 5 €34.100
Super Light Jets Cessna Citation XLS+ 9 €37.300

The benefits of private jet charter

  1. Flexibility and Customization: Private jet charter allows you to set your schedule. You have the freedom to choose departure times and destinations and even make last-minute changes if necessary. This flexibility saves time and eliminates the stress associated with commercial flight schedules and layovers.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Private jets offer a conducive environment for work or leisure. With Wi-Fi connectivity, comfortable seating, and ample space, you can continue business meetings, make important phone calls, or relax and unwind. This increased productivity can significantly benefit busy executives and entrepreneurs.
  3. Time Savings: Private jet charter eliminates the need to arrive at the airport hours in advance. With access to smaller, private terminals, you can arrive just minutes before departure, allowing for a seamless travel experience. Additionally, private jets can often utilize smaller airports, which are less congested, further reducing travel time.
  4. Customized Amenities and Services: Private jet charter providers offer a range of personalized services and amenities tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s gourmet catering, special dietary requirements, specific seating arrangements, or ground transportation arrangements, your preferences can be accommodated to ensure a luxurious and comfortable journey.