VIP lounges worldwide image VIP lounges worldwide

Our premium VIP Lounges are class and comfort personified. Nothing short of perfect, our VIP Lounges offer clients a brief respite from their tiring flights or simply something to do while they wait for one. Relax before you take off and enjoy an assortment of fruit, snacks, entertainment, and a wide selection of drinks at […]

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Aircraft management and technical support image Aircraft management and technical support

Are you in need of aircraft management? Are you looking for technical support? Kull Jet offers a range of aircraft management and technical support. We cater to the needs of leasing companies. Airlines, OEM services (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and MRO services (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul). Kull Jet offers a range of aircraft management and technical services […]

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Private jet for sale image Private jet for sale

The purchase of a private jet is a significant investment that you must be sure of. This is especially true in the case of the acquisition of a pre-owned aircraft. Beyond the upfront cost of buying a private jet, many factors, such as registration, customs clearance, brokerage commissions, and aviation insurance, must be considered. However, […]

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Private jet medical transport image Private jet medical transport

When most people think of a private jet charter, the image of luxurious travel to remote locations immediately comes to mind. As it turns out, another extremely important private jet charter, designed for non-medical emergencies with wheelchair accessibility, operates above the ground—dedicated to providing life-saving commutes for the injured. With experienced and trained medical personnel […]

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Private helicopter charter image Private helicopter charter

Whether flying solo, touring for a bird’s eye view, commuting with a team of executives to attend a business meeting, or whisking family and friends off to a luxurious vacation spot, a private helicopter charter is built to fit all your needs and carry you to your destination in elegance and comfort. So, why wait […]

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Commercial cargo air charters image Commercial cargo air charters

Want a seamless freight forwarding process for your cargo? Our commercial air cargo freight services are exactly what you need! Commercial air cargo charters refer to the airplanes out of an airline’s published schedule reserved for private freight forwarding. Our commercial air cargo charter services are a step ahead from traditional air shipping. You will […]

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